Wednesday, 11 June 2014

The Sound of A Torn Friendship

What do you do when your illusions shatter?
 When someone who you thought was your dearest
 closest friend, the one who could rely on...
 Shows again and again that she doesn't care?
 That she isn't who you thought she was
 Or maybe she's grown up, grown apart, grown different?
 What do you do if you still care?
 If you reach out your arms to eyes that don't see them?
 Plead to ears that don't want to hear?
 How long do you stay in place, arms open?
 Wait and wait for your turn to talk?
 How do you believe that it's over?
 How do you deal when the friend you thought would always listen
 Brushes away your deepest, humiliating fears with a laugh?
 Who shrugs when you told her you needed her, and she wasn't there?
 Shrugs because of course -- of course! -- her life is
 more important than your own. Her sorrows more tragic.
 You are merely to profit from her examples.
 How do you react when you realize
 this person who thinks she knows you so well
 Doesn't know you at all? Barely as much as that stranger
 You just met, but who listens when you tell them what you want
 And who you are. Who thinks of you as a person
 Not someone who should reside in her head.
 How difficult it is to let go of an illusion
 Even though you've been lonely for so long
 To abandon hope is another thing altogether
 To turn your back on the past and break
 those fragile threads. To look ahead and
 Never look back again.
 There is no shatter as if of broken glass
 Fragile but till now protected.
 No cry of anguish except in one heart.
 And that's not audible. But if
 You listen closely, you might hear
 The last threads of fabric tear.


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