Monday, 7 July 2014

I Cannot Say Goodbye

You are gone now,

But I am still here.

And as I recollect the sweet memories,

My eye sheds a tear.

I will miss you a lot,

That’s for sure.

For you were like the morning rays,

So fresh and so pure.

You were like the sun rays,

That woke me up each morning.

You were like my shadow,

Which would be with me till evening.

You were like sparkling water,

Transparent and clear.

I would see my reflection in you and smile,

But you are no more here.

You were like the setting sun,

Glowing red and bright.

But, you would return again as the moon,

Shining high and white.

I see your face in the stars,

Smiling and so full of joy.

I will never forget you,

And never say goodbye.


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