Friday, 11 November 2016

How to celebrate birthdays

Few years back, I tried celebrating my birthday in a different fashion. May be the simplest way ever.
  • 23:50 hours: Removed my birthdate from fb.
  • 00.00 hours: Was alone. No calls. No messages.
  • 00.02 hours: Cake cutting and all.
  • 00.30 hours: In deep sleep. Dreaming.
  • 07.30 hours: Woke up by an alarm.
  • 08.30 hours: Went to the nearby temple.
  • 11.00 hours: School hours started.
  • 01.00 hours: Had lunch with classmates.
  • 17.00 hours: School ends. Happy that no one remembers that it was my bday.
  • 17.30 hours: Came back home.
  • 18.00 hours: Played a lot of Snooker.
  • 20.30 hours: Had monotonous dinner at home.
  • 21.00 hours: Call from few relatives. Received blessings again.
  • 21:30 hours: Played Dota & CS for half an hour.
  • 22.00 hours: Became nostalgic. Slept off within minutes.
  • 00.00 hours: SleepingDreaming. Snoring.
This was actually the best birthday I have ever celebrated. There was no huss and fuss. No party stuff. It was just as simple as any other day for me. Blessings from parents and some relatives. No fake calls and messages. Introverts have a good life, I guess. Their birthday celebration is best in its own ways.
Cheers Introverts.
Love to be one!



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