Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Broken Promise

The promise has been broken
Now everything looks blurry to us
We try to make a head way but yet
We are still not getting what we want

We feel left out
To us every situation mellows us
Because feel we have no say at all
We tell different stories that are both
true and lies

Decieving the wold with our tales
Making it seem true but they are lies
We go about living a double life
Forgeting our background compromising
our life with lies


Whats it all really about
Why are we here
Why are we all so driven, so desperately violent when
There is but one certainty
In the whole of lifes continum- 
Its end.
Exhaustive questions and berating theories have me deep in
Self reflective madness
But any expression, any writing - any cry - is that but a reflection of Our precociously ill conceived time

Life continues as before

Life continues as before
I will press snooze three times
Before getting ready for work;
My girl will ask me
To stop playing DotA
And I will check dreams 
Off my list
As long as I breathe.

Life continues as before
Except in those quiet moments
I recall our moments
Written in stone.

Don't we all start off as strangers?
Before soon enough,
One takes a piece of your heart
You never want back.

We cross paths just to part
Everyone leaves
And we are left with memories;

The waves will wash away our footsteps
But not the fact that we made them.

Life continues as before
The world will not stop
But I will –

Then for a second,
You and I share a moment.

Friday, 11 November 2016

How to celebrate birthdays

Few years back, I tried celebrating my birthday in a different fashion. May be the simplest way ever.
  • 23:50 hours: Removed my birthdate from fb.
  • 00.00 hours: Was alone. No calls. No messages.
  • 00.02 hours: Cake cutting and all.
  • 00.30 hours: In deep sleep. Dreaming.
  • 07.30 hours: Woke up by an alarm.
  • 08.30 hours: Went to the nearby temple.
  • 11.00 hours: School hours started.
  • 01.00 hours: Had lunch with classmates.
  • 17.00 hours: School ends. Happy that no one remembers that it was my bday.
  • 17.30 hours: Came back home.
  • 18.00 hours: Played a lot of Snooker.
  • 20.30 hours: Had monotonous dinner at home.
  • 21.00 hours: Call from few relatives. Received blessings again.
  • 21:30 hours: Played Dota & CS for half an hour.
  • 22.00 hours: Became nostalgic. Slept off within minutes.
  • 00.00 hours: SleepingDreaming. Snoring.
This was actually the best birthday I have ever celebrated. There was no huss and fuss. No party stuff. It was just as simple as any other day for me. Blessings from parents and some relatives. No fake calls and messages. Introverts have a good life, I guess. Their birthday celebration is best in its own ways.
Cheers Introverts.
Love to be one!


Friday, 13 May 2016

I've got to be strong

She used to smile
to really smile
she used to love life.

But then one day,
From nowhere,
Her life completely changed.

"I've got to be strong"
  She said to herself
and so, her heart she locked away.

She was strong for years,
  but as time went by
she started to fear

Her feelings wanted freedom
so she opened her heart for a little while
and then they came pouring...

Shouting and bitting
screaming and demanding attention
She couldn't take the pressure

So she wrote a note to her loved ones
and with tears in her eyes
she swallow the death pills

Her mom tried to save her
she went to get help
and they helped her

The feelings are strong
but now she knows,
that it was too late.

She blamed herself
but now she knows,
she knows she is stronger.

Sadness is weird for me

Sadness is weird for me.
It leaks from my biggest smile,
and from tears of laughter.
Sadness lingers with me in a hug, 
and when I´m dancing.
It creeps into my mind when I'm alone
or de center of a party.
The urge to cry is there
I simply lack the tears.

Sadness is weird for me
It hides in the corner of my mind 
to surprise me when I least expect it
But other times it prances around
waiving a flag as if to show me...
but I know, I feel it
I simply lack the tears

Sadness is weird for me
because it is numb 
and yet I feel it so strong.
Because I smile, 
even when I want to cry
I simply lack the tears.

Sunday, 3 January 2016

I'm not weak, I'm human

I don't remember much
I remember sitting with my mom
She said something that triggered me emotionally
I ignored it, I zoned out
I excused myself
I came to my room
I closed the door
I lay in my bed
Enduring the pain
Of my emotional misfortune
As well as the physical pain
From my pounding head
For some reason
I caught sight of my chest
I could see my nightdress
And I could see my heart
Trying as much as it can
To shy away from the pain
I felt it sink into hiding
I wish there was something
Something I could do for it
It's always been there for me
All the grenades it's caught for me
The scars it's bared for me
The cracks it's cemented for me
I felt a tear fall from my right eye
I was stunned, I touched my tear
I tasted it, salty taste of melancholy
That was weird for me
Because I haven't cried in 12 months
I wasn't expecting to cry
I never thought I would cry
Then I felt it
That feeling you get
When you drown yourself
In your own river of tears