Thursday, 27 November 2014

I took time but finally learnt how to live.

         We all are visitors on this earth. We came empty handed and will go empty handed, leaving all our efforts, creations and relations back here. Only our "Karma" will come with us to decide our future. Good "Karma" gives happy future and bad "Karma" gives painful future. "Karma" is results of good and bad actions we performed during our life. Let us go with basket of fruits of good "Karmas" when we leave the earth.


       Everyone wants to live an easy and happy life. To achieve it, we all work everyday. Most of us put efforts for our entire life but never enjoy it as per desire. One day, life ends without notice and without achievement or satisfaction. This is true for most people.
        Peace, happiness & satisfaction come from balanced status of mind. If you look, you will realize that we get excited very quickly. Our mental tolerance level to favorable and unfavorable events is very low. With positive or favorable news we react very joyously, but only for a short time. Happiness ends soon and we fall back to our regular cycle of work, responsibility, stress, desire, and anxiety. Our maximum life passes in this cycle.
         Happiness or unhappiness is nothing but status of mind. It is mental reaction to any occurrence or occasion. Regular study & practice of the following "keys" will increase mental power to react to any occurrence or occasion in a balanced way. These "keys" are made to open the door of our life to "long term" happiness.    


Key 1:

 I am just a visitor here. We all are visitors here.


We all came on this earth for a temporary period and eventually will go. We all are just visitors.


Key 2:

 We all will go alone and empty handed.


Nobody can carry anything from this world. Everyone will go alone leaving all of his/her relations, creations, business, wealth & even their own bodies. If nothing comes together, then why should we waste in our whole life for accumulation & creations of wealth & power which are not going to come with us?


Key 3:

 Our desire and needs are endless, but life has an end.


Do not waste this life running behind new desires. Remember, everydays arising desires and needs never fulfill completely and life ends, suddenly. Our life is shorter than we realize. Control the needs and desires and pass the valuable life with ease and less burden of fulfillment. Remember, happier is NOT the one who has more, but it is the one who needs less.


Key 4:

 Today will not come back and tomorrow is not guaranteed.


Enjoy the passing moments of life without waiting for tomorrow. Do not spoil moments of the current life in hope of an uncertain tomorrow. Do not wait for big happiness to happen, instead find and enjoy every day's small happiness.


Key 5:

 Nothing remains forever.


Good or bad things, memories, situations and events settle to normal as time passes by. Time heals the wounds. Health, wealth, power and relation of a person, enterprise or nation changes the phase over the time. Nothing remains forever.   


Key 6:

 Enjoy what you already have.


Most of us do not enjoy what we have because of desire of getting more and more. We never enjoy our life in this cycle of chase. Leave this chase. Relax and look around for many small enjoyments awaiting your attention.


Key 7:

 Remember everyone's help in your growth.


You will find many help extended in your growth from birth to your current level. Never forget all invaluable and selfless love, affection, care and support you received from your parents, relatives, and friends during various stages of your life. Also, never step back to extend your help and care to them when they are in need.


Key 8:

 What you give to others, you will get back the same in bountiful.


This is the law of God and it applies to all living beings. God is always watching everyone invisibly & very quietly. 'He' is taking notes on our each action & thinking. Accordingly, we get reward or punishment in someway. Always be helpful to ALL lives, including creatures. If you want to be happy, keep others happy. If you want peace, give others peace. Remember, someday your action will bounce back to you, with more force.  


Key 9:

 Grab an opportunity of being helpful.


Whenever you get the opportunity of being helpful to anyone, do not loose it. Be helpful to needy ones by physical assistance, by mental support or by monetary way. Create a habit to assist. This habit will give you great satisfaction, mental peace and keep you away from unhealthy stress, greed and anger. You are also shaping your happy future by helping others.


Key 10:

 Keep regular touch of a good lesson.


Good reading is healthy food for the mind. Give your mind this healthy food  everyday for sometimes. Good reading or listening everyday for a few minutes gives mental peace and keeps your life cycle on the right track. Remember, peaceful mind creates peace in family.  


Key 11:

 Eat nonviolent food for peaceful and healthy living.


Our body is very complicated but a perfect machine. It needs energy to work efficiently. This energy comes from our diet. We should feed our body in a punctual way with a healthy diet. Too often, over and irregular eating habit is not good for our health. Foods high in cholesterol or fat (like animal, and dairy products) create health hazards like ulcers, cancer, and heart attacks. Avoid such food. Use more vegetables in the diet. A vegetarian diet is perfect for the human body for a healthy and long life.


Key 12:

 Leave bad and unhealthy habits.


To live a long and healthy life, leave hazardous habits like smoking and alcohol. Go to sleep on time and awake early. Plan some easy time with all family members everyday. A happy family is that who stays together,
 prays together and eats together

Saturday, 27 September 2014

A Single Hello

I just want to say hello
In the longest way i possibly can
I saw you there and I knew
I wanted to speak to you
I had to speak to you
And the best thing I came up with
 is hello
Hello isn't just a greeting
It has many different meanings
So many ways you can say hello
You can say hey
With just a simple word
I'm telling you all the things
I want to say
Hello can mean I like you
Hello can mean I miss you
Hello can mean please come to my side
Make sure you follow what comes next
Make sure you read between the lines
Hello is just a letter addressed to you
I'm going to write you a letter
And in it a single message

Friday, 12 September 2014

Digital Apocalypse: The Internet Is Down

I lost it when the storm blew,
Wi-Fi, laptop, iPad too.
On my kindle, no bars found,
Oh lord, the internet is down.

My Facebook friends no longer poke,
I cannot tweet a single joke.
My iTunes offer not a sound,
Now the internet is down.

I finally fix that broken chair,
Clean my room, wash my hair.
Then I wander all around,
Now the Internet is down.

The library’s packed. And the theater too,
I need my fix. Can I sit here too?
Is Wi-Fi in another town?
Now the internet is down.

I’ll search the house and find a nook,
To finally read that Dan Brown book.
My thoughts are clear, my soul unbound,
Now the internet is down.

I’ll study French. Take up guitar,
I’ll search for wisdom, near and far.
To internet’s death, I raise my cup,
Wait. Never mind. It came back up.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Even you


needs to be told it's going to be okay sometimes.

And it will.

(You have it in you to be what you imagine)

Saturday, 26 July 2014

I Don't Fall In Love With People

I fall in love  with dynamics.
I am intrigued by chemistries.
But people, in their own right,
Have never stolen the breath from me.
The interaction between one person and another
Can entertain me for days, weeks, months
To see how their dynamic works, how it functions
In every and every situation, at least once.
Dynamic is not something everyone has
Chemistry is not ensured from birth or at all
Thus when I see it, positive or negative,
It grips me, holds me, keeps me under its thrall.
I do not fall in love with people.
It is a fact I've come to accept.
People have never inspired adoration, no,
I fall in love with dynamics.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

My Opium

I thought something
Was wrong with me.
I'm writing so
Reading poetry
Lines invade
When I'm retiring,
Ascending I'm reciting,
Divining parallel parables.
I'm convinced he's
Left the stage,
Replaced by me
On the page,
In figures of speech.
The Chosen words,
Give meaning and comfort
Religion obscured.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Firsts Are Either The Best Or The Worst

There's a first time for everything.
First love-
First kiss,
First real relationship.
First time I knew you were looking right through me.
First time I doubted you,
First time I questioned the motives for the things you do.
First moment I suspected you didn't love me.
First time I knew you thought I was inferior to thee.
First time you yelled at me.
First time you touched me and it wasn't lovingly.
First time you pulled away from a kiss and then wouldn't look me in the eyes.
First time I knew some of what you said would still be just lies.
First time I could see myself building a life with another person.
First time I loved freely without needing permission.
First time I thought you were different.
First time I realized you were just like the rest of them.
Remember the first time you got so afraid I was going to leave?
First time you made me cry, first of oh so many.
First time you hugged me.
First time you spoke without love or sincerity.
First time you said you missed me.
Our first, and our last, anniversary.
First time you told me I wasn't very smart.
First time someone ever broke my heart.

Monday, 7 July 2014

Is Love Really Hard Or Are People Just Difficult?

Where does the spark and infatuation from the beginning go?

It’s crazy how quickly you can go from being excited to talk to a person to feeling like you’re forcing the conversation. The quality time you spend with each other turns into “I was busy” and the consistent communication becomes “I don’t know”.  When does “I hate to see you leave” turn into “It hurts too much to stay?”

Could it be because we’re all guilty of taking things for granted? Maybe we think love is something which will appear whenever it is convenient, or maybe we don’t realize how important it is to keep a good thing going. Maybe we think happiness is something that just finds us, instead of being something we must work for. And maybe that’s why we end up doing or saying something we shouldn’t have, and regret our actions later. It’s amazing how fast things change…

You go from laughing about anything to arguing about everything. You go through the motions, wondering if they’re real, if they really do care, or if they’re going to run when it turns rough. It’s so scary. You want to give more of yourself to somebody but it’s hard so these days because you just never know if you’ll get anything back. Don’t we all deserve a bit of love? Love is not something just to be taken, it’s to be given as well. You think you have it all sorted. That they will come around sooner or later. That they will realize what they are doing will only wreck the relationship beyond repair.

You do little things, you stay consistent, but somehow it just doesn’t add up. Maybe the problem is that we except the love to be magical before we become magicians. Or could it be that we’re all just better breakers than builders? We’d rather have feelings we can throw away and ‘love’ that’s disposable.

We grew up reading tales like Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty etc, which lead us to believe that the path of love is a bed of roses, without the thorns. Or blame it on the overdose of the too-good-to-be-true love stories we encounter in films and read in novels. Happily ever after is a myth. And Happily Married is the biggest oxymoron ever.

Reality is rough. You only want what’s easy and that’s why what you get never lasts. Everybody wants to be fought for but nobody is willing to fight. Is this fair? She loves butterflies but she avoids beginnings because she hates to start over. He’s tired but he’s so used to the chase that he’s scared to stop running.

Makes you wonder… Is love really hard, or are people just difficult?

I Cannot Say Goodbye

You are gone now,

But I am still here.

And as I recollect the sweet memories,

My eye sheds a tear.

I will miss you a lot,

That’s for sure.

For you were like the morning rays,

So fresh and so pure.

You were like the sun rays,

That woke me up each morning.

You were like my shadow,

Which would be with me till evening.

You were like sparkling water,

Transparent and clear.

I would see my reflection in you and smile,

But you are no more here.

You were like the setting sun,

Glowing red and bright.

But, you would return again as the moon,

Shining high and white.

I see your face in the stars,

Smiling and so full of joy.

I will never forget you,

And never say goodbye.

Where Do We Belong...?

We've all heard about the site '' where people anonymously ask each other questions, be it about their personal life or just for fun. I recently joined this site just to see what kind of questions people ask and how people react to such questions. But one answer really infuriated me.
A person was asked to describe his country (India) in 3 words. He replied saying 'Cricket. Rape. Corruption'. Now I understand the frustration a normal Indian faces everyday regarding the growing cases of rape and corruption. But why insult your own country on a public forum knowing fully well that the person sending the question might just be from a different country? Is this the picture we want to give others about India? We should be proud to be Indians and should talk highly of our country. This brings me to my next point. 
I hear a number of Indians, specially students, criticizing the country and saying that they want to leave it. It bothers me that educated Indians themselves have no will to help develop their own country. India cannot grow until the people want to make it grow. Unfortunately, people, including me, have been influenced too much by the western culture. We see America and all we want is to live in a country as 'classy' and developed as America. Why don't we think even once that if we leave, how will our country flourish? It is the people who form a country, not the government and not the old politicians. I am not implying that all of us should join politics and run the country. But the least we can do is lead it to the path of development in the best possible way we know.
Charity begins at home. Our home is India and we are Indians. Running away from this fact won't change it.

Upon An Honest Man's Grave

Upon an honest mans grave they danced and joked

Upon an honest mans grave they sighed and smoked

Upon an honest mans grave they drank their wine

Upon an honest mans grave they did their line

Upon an honest mans grave they told some lies

Upon an honest mans grave they howled and cried

Upon an honest mans grave their life became so bleak

Upon an honest mans grace they were too dead to speak

Quick Thoughts

I never stick to anything for more than a few weeks
Habits die harder than young love, it's so bleak
I never finish anything, my creation is disaster
But if destruction's a form of creation, call me.. "Creative Master"

Loving You In Silence

I see you and can't look you in the eye
I feel your presence as you pass by me and i can't feel your touch
I hear you speak and i can't just open my mouth
I see your footprints and i cant follow your steps
We both stare at each other and i look away


Drugs impair us
beyond repair
Lowly death
~Vs~ the highs of life
Does not compare
mind likes to travel
Body takes it there
remember this feeling 
And for once in forever
Forget to care.


I sing because my heart is full;
I sing because my soul is free;
I sing because the love I feel for her
is such a lovely thing.

I'll write for her, ten thousand words;
I'll write for her, a thousand songs-
I'll write them in the hopes that
I can sing them to her all night long.

I hope your heart is full of peace;
I hope your soul is snug and warm-
for I'll be with you very soon,
to sing, you held close in my arms...

Little Infinity

So ever since I was a kid,

I found myself chasing for the things I could never have.

The clothes I could never wear.

The things I could never eat.

The people I could never meet.

Never love. Never kiss. Never truly have.

The person I could never love.

The person I could never kiss.

I person I could never have.

You asked me today to let you go.

But how can I let you go, my love!

When I never had you at all!

You told me you loved me with all your heart.

That I’m a wild rose and I will always be yours,

And I believed you

Because at that moment – I know you meant it!

But sometimes love is not enough to keep two people together.

And I learned it the hard way,

When I never got the things I wanted.

When I never got the people I love.

And when I realized that every moment,

Every breath is just one more cry.

One more loss.

One more death.

And I feel like I’m a walking funeral

Of the death of all these incomplete wishes,

Oh! They are still haunting me.

You. You…

You are not one of those wishes.

Never was – never will.

You will always be with me.

And I’m talking about forever here.

You will be with me - like my heartbeat,

And my sight.

And my voice.

And my thoughts.

And my dreams.

My desires. My cravings. My soul.

I know that nothing lasts forever.

“Forever” is such a myth.

But in the last couple of days –

When you told me you love me,

Even with my flaws.

Especially with my flaw.

When you made me smile with just a text message.

When you kissed me Good night.

When you made me love myself.

When you made my world stop.

You gave me my little infinity,

In these last couple of days.

And no one can take that away from me.


You will always be my

Little Infinity.

The Lovers

And soon, the day will come,

When all would be set and done!

When all the curtains between

Nothingness and vacuum will fall apart.

They will dig us back,

From the haunted grounds

And desolated cemeteries.

And our soul will dance

On the tongue of salvation!

Our cadavers –

Oh! They will look at each other,

Craving to touch,

To find their eternal ending.

But they will never touch their fingertips,

With each other.

And they will never be together!

Because the most beautiful things in this world

Are always destroyed. Always broken.

And they all would come and see us!

They would display our bodies

In museums and in exhibitions,

They would take tickets from people to see,

The longing and the pain

That would reside on our skeleton.

The longing for a forever that never came.

And from that day onwards, they would call us,

“The Lovers!”

Stay. Stay. Stay.

“I love you,”

Was the last thing I wanted to say to you.

Before you walked away

And disappeared with the melting sunset.

When a part of me died with the broken bones

And the cracked ribs that produced an empty sound,

A nostalgic echo with the flawed beats of my heart.

So instead of letting you know,

How much I loved you –

I remained still and I choose to stay.

I stayed like the wrinkles of my bed

That unfolds themselves with your curves

And remains intact even in your absence.

I stayed like the roots of a winter tree

That never lifts up above the ground

And only choose to penetrate within

Until nothing remains to grow.

And I choose to stay,

Like a frozen chunk of ice

Or a heartless bronze statue;

Having a faraway look in my eyes –

Waiting for you to come back.

Waiting for you to turn.

Waiting to forgive you.

Because someone once told me,

That is what love is.

One Last Time

I look at you

And I see a faraway crafted look in your eyes

Searching for the infinity;

Looking for something that could only be seen,

But could never be felt.

Like a brief moment of solitude,

Or the cracking sound of hailstorms;

You think of me,

Like an unforgettable winter afternoon

Which creates a chill across your spine –

A chill which reaches to your soul

And makes it cold.


You close those emerald eyes, and then

You think of me

And of the last time when we kissed,

And how I wrote from the touch of my lips

On your pearl white skin,

How much I love you.

How much I loved you.

But that touch seems like the memories

Of a different lifetime.

A life once lived, but now forgotten

With the thunderstorms of time.

You open your eyes and think of me.

One last time,

Before closing them again. Forever.

And would call me your lover.

A lost one.

Your immortal…


She gazed outside the window,
the sun falling on her eyes;
Her eyes full of dreams, full of reason,
but there was an emptiness,  an emptiness that couldn't be defined.
She gave a tiny laugh as she saw two young birds fly past.
The warm winter afternoon filled her heart 
with a little happiness, a little sorrow, a little bit of...everything.
The sun made her feel beautiful, made her feel special.
Staring at it with closed eyes made her feel brave. Then why was it so incomplete?
Why did it all feel so, well....lost?

The Poetess

The crying sun
The moonless night.
The silent poetess
With words so bright.
The soft murmur
The gentle caress.
The careless whisper
Her silken dress.
She cries in dark
Her pain is veiled.
She puts in fear
A brave new face.
Those misty eyes
With tears like dew.
They speak to me
In words so few.
Her words flow
With unseen grace.
Her lips move
With mingled haste.
The silent poetess
Cries in vain.
For she finds none
To share her pain.


“The more you approach infinity, the deeper you penetrate terror.” 
                                                                                 - Gustave Flaubert

He was like fire, a pyre of flames engulfing the darkness.
He burned brighter than the sun.
He cast shadows longer than an unending road.
He was a child of fear, and pain.
All his morbid desires took shape one day, and he felt alone.

She was like rain, a rush of calmness.
She had happiness in her eyes, and love in her heart.
She was a child of hope, and wisdom.
She met him, and all hell broke loose.
She quenched his thirst. 
She broke him in the best of ways.
She completed him.

A silent whisper of freshness.
A breath.
They were infinite together.

Monday, 23 June 2014


Inevitably results in conception
You are prolific, 
And I, so very fertile.
The gestation period varies
I, heavy with our creation
Give birth to words.
Our children delight us
One day, they too
Will speak, and seed.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

At The Day's Demise

Turn off the light,
Close your eyes,
Trying to sleep,
At the day’s demise.
Think of your day,
All the people you met,
Pick a special moment,
Mark the date.
Think of the future,
Or maybe the next day,
Of all your plans,
And how to make a way.
Think of someone,
Their eyes, their smile,
Think of their words,
Whether they hurt or beguile.
Think of the past,
Of your childhood,
Think of all the people,
Who helped you into adulthood.
Imagine possible situations,
Maybe cry a bit,
Lose yourself to sleep,
‘Till, again, the world is lit.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Tired of Being Your Friend

I'm tired of being the one who listens.
I'm tired of being the one who calls.
The one who ends silences.
The one who breaks down walls.

The one who never shows anger.
The one who never asks.
And the one who will remember
But wear a smiling mask.

Old friends are better than new.
They know you without needing to ask.
But I wish that sometimes you
would, even if you know, still ask.

I'm tired of the distances.
Of having to work at keeping it alive.
Excuse me my absences:
I may - or may not - be back in a while..

The Sound of A Torn Friendship

What do you do when your illusions shatter?
 When someone who you thought was your dearest
 closest friend, the one who could rely on...
 Shows again and again that she doesn't care?
 That she isn't who you thought she was
 Or maybe she's grown up, grown apart, grown different?
 What do you do if you still care?
 If you reach out your arms to eyes that don't see them?
 Plead to ears that don't want to hear?
 How long do you stay in place, arms open?
 Wait and wait for your turn to talk?
 How do you believe that it's over?
 How do you deal when the friend you thought would always listen
 Brushes away your deepest, humiliating fears with a laugh?
 Who shrugs when you told her you needed her, and she wasn't there?
 Shrugs because of course -- of course! -- her life is
 more important than your own. Her sorrows more tragic.
 You are merely to profit from her examples.
 How do you react when you realize
 this person who thinks she knows you so well
 Doesn't know you at all? Barely as much as that stranger
 You just met, but who listens when you tell them what you want
 And who you are. Who thinks of you as a person
 Not someone who should reside in her head.
 How difficult it is to let go of an illusion
 Even though you've been lonely for so long
 To abandon hope is another thing altogether
 To turn your back on the past and break
 those fragile threads. To look ahead and
 Never look back again.
 There is no shatter as if of broken glass
 Fragile but till now protected.
 No cry of anguish except in one heart.
 And that's not audible. But if
 You listen closely, you might hear
 The last threads of fabric tear.

Friday, 11 April 2014

How Many...?

     How many..?

Life is short. Make it large. That's the motto everyone lives by, right? But how 'large' do you actually make it? Do you really LIVE or do you follow the same old monotonous routine followed by millions in this world that has sadly been referred to as a rat race?

My SAT-I has finally ended. I'm sitting at home, bored, with an entire list of things to do. But, what do I choose to do instead? Watch television. Yeah. So, one day, I finally decided to switch off the television and think, introspect and try to figure stuff out. And then this weird question popped up in my head. 'How many times have I lived?' 
We have one life to live but a million things to do. But in that one life, we live a thousand lives. And in these thousand lives we meet wonderful people, have wonderful experiences, laugh, cry, dance, sing, work, party, eat, sleep and blah blah. But in the end, how much of it all really matters? How much do we really remember? I'm going to ask this again, how many times did we REALLY live? How many times did we laugh? How many times did we cry? How many times did we say I Love You? How many times did we say goodbye? How many times did it hurt? How many times did we just pause, and think? How many times did we dream? How many?

-Swetank Modi

Thursday, 10 April 2014

The Red Ovecoat

There she was, standing in the rain.

I held my hand out.
She dug her hands deep inside her pocket.

We both looked at the grass-
There was a sharp line.

I took a step forward.
She took a step back.

I listened to the sound of thunder,
She heard the raindrops thud against the ground.

I tried to talk.
She just shook her head.

I clutched at her red overcoat.
She just shook it off, and ran.

I cried out in desperation.
She never turned back.

"I was always holding onto people, and they were always leaving. "