Friday, 11 April 2014

How Many...?

     How many..?

Life is short. Make it large. That's the motto everyone lives by, right? But how 'large' do you actually make it? Do you really LIVE or do you follow the same old monotonous routine followed by millions in this world that has sadly been referred to as a rat race?

My SAT-I has finally ended. I'm sitting at home, bored, with an entire list of things to do. But, what do I choose to do instead? Watch television. Yeah. So, one day, I finally decided to switch off the television and think, introspect and try to figure stuff out. And then this weird question popped up in my head. 'How many times have I lived?' 
We have one life to live but a million things to do. But in that one life, we live a thousand lives. And in these thousand lives we meet wonderful people, have wonderful experiences, laugh, cry, dance, sing, work, party, eat, sleep and blah blah. But in the end, how much of it all really matters? How much do we really remember? I'm going to ask this again, how many times did we REALLY live? How many times did we laugh? How many times did we cry? How many times did we say I Love You? How many times did we say goodbye? How many times did it hurt? How many times did we just pause, and think? How many times did we dream? How many?

-Swetank Modi

Thursday, 10 April 2014

The Red Ovecoat

There she was, standing in the rain.

I held my hand out.
She dug her hands deep inside her pocket.

We both looked at the grass-
There was a sharp line.

I took a step forward.
She took a step back.

I listened to the sound of thunder,
She heard the raindrops thud against the ground.

I tried to talk.
She just shook her head.

I clutched at her red overcoat.
She just shook it off, and ran.

I cried out in desperation.
She never turned back.

"I was always holding onto people, and they were always leaving. "