Friday, 20 November 2015

Another year, Another birthday

I’m a few hours 
and minutes 
and seconds 
away from adding a year 
to my relatively irrelevant age 
and I contemplate the complexities 
of such a small number. 


Legally an adult, 
but not nearly ready 
to enter the world 
on my own. 

I cannot even fathom  
               braving the hallways of 
               horrendous high school
               supporting myself and 
               being on time for my insurance
               all while balancing a career 

I’m stuck in the middle 
of this whirlwind 
of emotions and numbers 
and candles and time 
and homework and paychecks 
and everything else 
that comes with the titles of
student and teenager 
and adult and employee. 

It’s minutes before
I can blow out the candles
on eighteen 
but I also extinguish another bit
of dependence.